Creations Guardians Monthly Gathering of Light Minded Souls:

We are starting a monthly get together for people who live in the  Tacoma area.

Maybe you have a hard time making friends?
Maybe you don't have any friends in the area?
Are you an Empath?
Are you Highly Sensitive?
Do you find yourself worrying about how other people feel?
Are you sensitive to animal suffering?
Do you prefer quieter, less chaotic environments?
Are you "too shy" or "too sensitive" according to others?

If you said yes, than you may be a highly sensitive person (#HSP)

Creations Guardians is dedicated to supporting and encouraging ALL highly sensitive people and Empaths to live the most happy and rewarding lives possible. We love you and we understand how you feel. We are Empaths and Highly Sensitive as well. Thank you, for sharing your beautiful light! The world needs what you have to give!

We would love to start our gatherings soon! But, we need you to do this! As soon as we get people who are interested we will take a vote on activities and venues for our gatherings. Such as, movie screenings, Potluck dinners, Support/Encouragement groups, Get togethers for Tea/Coffee, ect... Just some ideals.We Love you and We are here for everyone who needs us! Please, remember you are not alone! We Care!Creations Guardians is a Spiritual Organization that is dedicated to help end suffering in the world. Where there is suffering we want to be there doing all we can to help.

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