A Spiritual Ministry Led by an Energy Healer

If you’re lost and seeking spiritual guidance, look no further than Creations Guardians in Lakewood, Washington. Our founder is an energy healer whose mission is to spread the message of unconditional love. We want to reach young people this message because they are the caretakers of this planet.

Acceptance & Love
We are a spiritual organization founded on acceptance and unconditional love. Our goal is not to tell anyone who or what to be. If our message resonates with you, that’s great. If not, we will move on.

Actions & Consequences
Everything we do for another person has infinite consequences. Every action gives rise to a ripple effect, just as a pebble that is tossed into a pond sends out wave after wave, widening and covering more and more space. Everything we do and say matters. Period.

This is why Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the great spiritual traditions teach the importance of mindfulness in speech and attention to behavior. They understand the limitless, unforeseen effects of our every action and word. Even our thoughts have a force and power about which we have to be careful.

Contact us to soothe your soul with spiritual guidance from an energy healer.

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