A Message from Our Founder

For peace of mind without judgment, turn to Creations Guardians in Lakewood, Washington. Below is a message from our founder, an ordained minister who was inspired by a spiritual experience:

A Spiritual Experience
I founded Creations Guardians 12 years ago, but was not sure what to do with it until five years ago, when I died during an operation, saw Heaven, and came back. The experience made me realize why I started Creations Guardians and what I needed to do to make it successful.

I was raised by a Baptist minister, but nothing could have prepared me for this experience. When I was on the operating table, I saw my family members and my cat who had died 10 years ago. Then a walkway opened up and there was a bright light.

Crossing Over No one crosses over alone. When I died, I went straight to Heaven and met Jesus and all of the angels. He explained to me that all of the energy in the world is about love, and proceeded to teach me about the place of love in the world today.

When I met Jesus, this is what He told me; “Love is the energy of the Universe. Love belongs to everyone and everything; there are no boundaries, belief systems, religious or political ideology, or prejudice that can control love.”

Importance Quote Unconditional Love
Over the centuries, many things have been edited out of the Bible. Jesus wanted me to come back here and spread the message of unconditional love, which is often left out in spiritual teachings. If we were all truly connected with love and each other, we would not have problems.

You cannot be connected to God and hurt other people. All of us are part of God, so if you hurt another person, you are hurting God. Violence is escalating in our communities because we forgot where we came from and it upsets those on the other side.

Jesus told me I needed to go back because it was not my time yet. I wanted to stay because I was raised in foster care and I had never experienced such unconditional love, but Jesus gave me a hug and sent me on my way. I now believe that I was not put on the earth to work for someone else, but to do something that only I can do. The same is true for you.
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